Updated: 03/01/2008

The Article Shop Script

This script allows the webmaster to open up an article directory where they can make money selling articles. Freelance writers sign up and can either choose to be subjected to a percentage of house fees for every sale of their article or writers can sign up under a site subscription and earn 100% of every sale. This script offers an extensive reporting feature and allows the webmaster to really fine tune this script. Webmasters can earn money the following ways: 1) Sell their own articles 2) Sell other''s articles and earn a percentage of each sale 3) Earn subscription revenue from writers who sign up for a monthly subscription 4) Earn google adsense revenue 5) Sell text links on their site Between the easy to use templating functions of this script (2 files!) and the backend engine power that the script is built on, this is the only money making article directory script on the market today that gives all of these functions and abilities to the moneymaking webmaster.