Updated: 02/29/2008

Use Multiple IPN Scripts with Different Emails in A Single PayPal Account

Use multiple IPN scripts by pointing to different IPN URLs with the registered email addresses in a single PayPal account. Bypass PayPal''s limitation of one Instant Payment Notification (IPN) URL setting and with our workaround and set up to eight different IPN URLs with the eight different email addresses that PayPal allows. Sell your different products such as scripts, software, ebooks, subscriptions etc. on eBay or other third party solutions (which you do not have control of the PayPal button) and fulfill your orders with the different websites e.g. an ebook website fulfills orders (e.g. provide protected instant downloads) for a particular ebook while a subscription-based website fulfills orders for subscriptions sold on eBay. The script is future proof, meaning you can add more than 8 IPN URLs in future when PayPal raises the number of email address we can register. It is very lightweight - fast and easy to setup. Free lifetime updates and unlimited websites / domains license!