Updated: 02/22/2008

Five Star Private Messaging System

This script allows users on a website to send private emails to each other without exchanging email addresses. -Can be integrated into any website or user system! -Inbox and Sentbox messages are sortable by Date, Subject and Sender. -AJAX pagination system results in extremely fast loading times when advancing to the next or previous page -Javascript progress indicator bar gives a visual representation of the space used for each user. The color changes from green to red as the inbox/sentbox reach the administrator set limit. -Bad word filter! Administrator can choose which &"bad&" words are replaced with &"good&" words. -Spell checker with the ability to save words to a custom list. -The &"Send Message&" button automatically times out for 10 seconds (can be changed) to help prevent &"flooding&". -Inbox shows which messages have been read and which have not. -User can choose to receive email notification of new messages Many more features in this robust messaging script!