Updated: 02/05/2008

Scripts4dollar Auto Surf Script

Autosurf is a controversial type of an online advertising program, attributed mainly to John Basedow, that automatically rotates the advertised websites in one''s Internet browser. There is a strong possibility that some companies operating Autosurf programs may be breaking the law and/or deceiving their users. The advertisers pay money to the hosts, which then pay the viewers a certain percentage commission or on an hourly basis to view the rotated websites. Today, autosurfs have evolved to the point where they also allow the viewers to advertise their own websites with the credits that they earn by viewing other ads on the autosurf rotator. Since autosurfs are capable of bringing a huge amount of traffic to the advertised websites, and the members get to view other members'' websites as well, autosurfs are sometimes referred to as ''traffic exchange sites''.