Updated: 05/11/2008

WebRadioStats Shoutcast Statistics Services

Shoutcast streaming providers typically provide real time statistics as well as just peaks when it comes to time statistics. WebRadioStats offers the analytical time tracking of your listeners. Specifically, we show the following data for the past 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months , 12 months and real time: - Number of unique/total listeners - Average listening time (based on real time statistics) - Total listening time - Number of listeners per country - RRD graphs (peak listeners) -Extra reports Recording this data is can be used to measure your radio station s ratings and also as a marketing tool to monitor your station s progress.You have a choice of monthly (13 /mo(, 6-month (11 /mo) or annual (8 /mo) billing cycle, or take advantage of our limited time offer (60 for 1 year). We also include a daily backup service of the database created specifically for your radio station and take it upon ourselves to restore in case of data corruption at no extra cost.