Updated: 02/17/2008

Proxy Man - Make Unlimited Proxy Sites In Under 1 Minute

&"Proxy Man&" is powerful proxy script that enables you to create, edit and manage proxy sites on the fly through a single site where you control all the various settings inside your proxy like such as: theme, site title, meta description, meta tags, site description text, adsense ID, adsense channel, and affiliate/topsite code. You simply pick the design you want, choose a name, and a couple short clicks later you have created a fully functional proxy website in under 1 minute. You can now easily create about 100 proxy websites in 1 hour, a task that could take weeks of your time without this script. Includes 10 fully customizable proxy templates and a quick and easy installation process, Proxy Man is so simple and powerful that anyone can have a complete network of profitable proxy sites in just a few short minutes!