Updated: 01/27/2008

Fake id

Spoof your ip address or derail traceroute and surf privately. Easy to install security cgi script that will create a list of untraceable or traceable but fake IP addresses which you can use with any browser to surf in absolute privacy. CGI Script uses live database information to find &"anonymous&" hubs all over the world. The script then tests each hub for connectivity and security and sorts all of the results into several files such as a list of hubs you can use to make people think you live somewhere else (new zealand, russia, whatever), a list of hubs which block traceroutes back to your REAL ip address allowing complete privacy while you surf, also other lists are created for informational and research purposes thus all of the hubs analyzed are recorded. Default scan is to seek out hubs on port 80 and 8080 but you can scan for any port you like. Every 11 year old hacker knows all aout this little secret but nearly all &"webmasters&" do not.