Updated: 10/18/2007

PHP Sitemap generator (Easy to use and Fast)

Sitemap Generator version 1.0 by Hawk Presented by http://www.hawkenterprise Download at http://www.hawkenterprise hp Ever wish you could just open up a program and have it generator an index of all links on your site? You need this PHP Sitemap, you need the search engines to have this precious file called a sitemap.xml. It''s so important you have this file that all search engines check it when they crawl your site. How to install 1. Download all the files and unzip them in a browsable directory 2. Edit and change the in the URL_seed and DOMAIN to whatever site you wish to crawl and generate data for. 3. Browse to the directory you unzipped in, then wait, the program will do it''s run. It''s to be noted that if you close the window while it''s running it will interrupt the process, but here is the good news. Just reopen it, it will find where it left off and pickup again. This is because what this crawler really does.