Updated: 12/04/2007

AnoChat v. 1.0

The idea is to 3DES encrypt all content of the chat with javascript, and then send it to the server, where it is stored in encrypted form. When another chat client refreshes the chat file, it will decrypt the lines in the chat with a shared code phrase. This is really a combination of javascript and php, and it also utilizes something I''ve dubbed ''cheat Ajax'' because of the similarity in user experience. This allows for sticky, non-refreshing pages where it is possible to store a pass phrase for key generation and encryption without sending it over the internet. Thus only the group in know of the phrase will be able to decrypt the data. - all data is encrypted before send - no version of the key exist on the server, the lines is stored as encrypted strings - on return, the encrypted data is decrypted by javascript into human readable format. The AnoChat 1.0 also comes with 20 different skins, and a tool to help you create your own. It requires only a standard php-distro to run.