Updated: 11/30/2007


XooMapper is a small script to help create an expandable site map. Unobtrusive - Degrades Gracefully The script is written to manipulate the DOM when the page loads. The original list of links is a nested unordered list. Nested links are hidden at page load and clickable expand/collapse images are added to those links that have sub-links. If a user has JavaScript disabled, then they will see the full nested list. Accessible Users that use accessibility devices will have access to all links. Implementation Your site map page should contain a nested unordered list of all of the links in your site. The containing &<ul&> should have an id of sitemapper . Once you include the required files in the head of your document, your expandable site map will be generated. sive-javascript/xoomapper -v12-expandable-sitemap-s earch-engine-friendly/