Updated: 01/14/2008

PHPCOW News Publishing Portal System

Create your Newspaper, Magazine, CMS && Portal System. The Content Management System which has been designed ground up, is suited for any online news paper, online magazine management system, e-magazines, e-newspapaer type of sites. Key Features include: Key features include: Easy WYSIWYG templating with FULL customization, photo gallery, article comments, content syndication through RSS, template export/import, dynamic menu builder, article management with date scheduler, unlimited category sections, search engine friendly urls, CMS module, automatic content archiving, multi-user with different access levels for user groups, customizable admin themes, support for Google AdSense and Yahoo Search ads, most popular articles, article rating, XML/PDF/TXT article version generation on the fly and many more... FREE 1 year support and upgrade included. Ready to run 21 skin like: CNN, BBC, ESPN, YAHOO, PLAYBOY.