Updated: 04/19/2008


OwenPoll is a very flexible poll management software with great features: *Create polls at any time *Run multiple polls at the same time *Unlimited possible answers for each poll. (You can add them at any time). *Edit any poll at any time without having to restart the poll *Show poll as select box or option button *Show percentage and actual number of votes or show percentage only *Show results graphically *Show result graphs horizontally or vertically *Choose colour for each response''s bar graph *Choose colours of poll header, background, footer and text *Prevent double voting using cookies, IP addresses, both or none (allow) *Runs entirely on your web site (does not take away your visitors) *Close poll to prevent further voting *Admin can easily delete any poll and it''s choices (and votes). *Administration area is password protected *Uses PHP and MySQL *Complete easy-to-follow installation instructions provided *Free Support through our forum *Source code provided *OwenPoll is FREE