Updated: 07/30/2007

AFC Simple Newsletter

Provided by: American Financing. Simple Newsletter was designed for the beginner web programmer, although even advanced users will find it''s features great no matter what it''ll benefit you when your clients are excited to find that they are getting a newsletter. Simple Newsletter, Mailing List is a great tool to have on your website. It''s features in a simple Subscribe and Unsubscribe feature along with a Confirmation email sent to them will have you happy as can be. Once they Subscribe and email will be sent for verification and once they click it, they''ll be in your mailing list along with their IP and time. Other wonderful features include a simple but unique Secure Admin Area, features include the ability to Send a Newsletter in Text or HTML, Check the Email Archive, Add a Subscriber, View the Subscriber List, and Delete Users. Sounds like a like for a beginner, but the installation is very easy.