Updated: 09/24/2007


Process your forms securely with this proven web software. Allibsus Mail Pro: A Form Mail PHP script is a secure web form processor and has the ability to: process an unlimited amount of single page or multi page forms with any number of form fields, validate form fields such as e-mail addresses or required fields, receive && send file uploads and/or file attachments, process orders with PayPal, output form data in any order with easy-to-use templates, display a confirmation page after a form is submitted, autorespond via email, process form data on a secure server, and save submitted form data to a text file database (e.g., Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) or a MySQL database for analyzing. Use it with an invoice form, file upload form, contact form, feedback form, return a call form, request of service form, questionnaire form, or with any type of form. The possibilities and uses are almost endless!