Updated: 09/21/2007

Smiley Set Generator

The Smiley Set Generator allows webmasters to create custom smileysets for their own website. Easy content creation! Start your own smiley hotlinking service with your own fully licensed images! You have the option of allowing users to download full zipped smiley sets or allow hotlinking of images only. 7 Days Access is priced at $26.95 USD, and allows unlimited use during that period. Creating a smileyset from your own premade base image takes only seconds with this application. If you have basic photoshop skills, you can create hundreds of unique sets with a single subscription. Help pages and tutorials are provided and full support is available. All sets are packaged with a custom html page which Includes OnClick link codes plus ''right click'' copy protection to display the contained images. All images will contain your own customized copyright and terms of use. You decide which terms are right for your business model. View samples at /t