Updated: 02/17/2008

Ecrion XF Rendering Server 2008

Benchmarked for scalability, speed and performance, XF Rendering Server 2008 is a fully enterprise-class rendering product, providing support for two major W3C standards: XSL-FO and SVG. The complex set of features makes Ecrion XF suitable for almost any kind of document, including invoices, statements, brochures, postcards, catalogs and business reports containing charts and graphs, by dynamically generating them from XML. The main new features available for XF Rendering Server are: Generation of print-ready PDF documents, compliant with PDF/X; The option of saving documents in the PDF/A Format; Tagged PDF support for accessibility; Support for True Type and Type 1 Font Embedding in the generated AFP output; Support for complex page layout and pagination, color profiles, RGB, CMYK and PANTONE colors; Support the encryption and signature of any arbitrary digital content, including XML documents; Ability to render SVG objects embedded into XSL.
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    • Andra Barbu