Updated: 12/18/2007

PHP Shop v1.2

PHP Shop is a completely new e-commerce software from DeltaScripts. It lets you create a easy customizeable and manageable shop with all kind of Payment Vendors, like Cardia, DIBS, PayPal, WorldPay and so on. It is created to be extremly easy to adapt to your own design if you have one already. All text, both in user area and admin area, is in language files. Each product can be in many categories, you get three thumbnails version of the thumbnail and a lot of options. The shop lets you integrate your own payment solution even withouth our help (requires the payment gateway to support POST/GET payment methods, this is the most supported method). NEW in v1.1: 100% UTF8, strict CSS. New in v1.2: Several product images, extra fields for producer link and custom extrafields on products. Also improved payment feature, with both invoice and delivery address.