Updated: 02/03/2008

glype proxy

This free proxy script is intended as a faster, more efficient and more user friendly alternative to phproxy and cgi-proxy. Log in anywhere - including MySpace, Facebook and Gmail. Advanced customization options allow you to conserve bandwidth by stripping out flash objects, video files, and other high cost, low value items. Easy theme system allows you to install your own themes in seconds. Setup wizard provides a web interface for updating your settings file without the need for editing PHP files. The proxy parser even supports on-the-fly javascript processing, allowing more sites to be browsed. The optional caching system saves commonly requested files on your server, meaning load times on popular sites are hugely improved. Proxified page encoding ensures no filters block content downloaded through the script. And then there''s also all the usual features you''d expect from a proxy script - hotlinking bandwidth protection, filesize limits, usage controls, IP bans, and so on.