Updated: 06/08/2007

Domain Money Maker GOLD - Adssense RSS Page Generator, Script

Domain Money Maker Gold allows you to easily && quickly put up a website for your domain and earn money using rss and adsense. It uses dynamic RSS feeds to constantly update your site content based on your keywords. Receive adsense and ebay feeds by default based on the keywords you provide. You can even change the ad feeds to your PPC provider. Setting up the script is so simple: After download simply extract the files from the zip, upload them to your server and navigate to .php and configure the script from there - It takes minutes! No Database is required, No need to manually change config files. The script is fully search engine optimized . You can create any page just by typing it into the web browser. There for to add content rich pages you just need to add links to your home page and as far as the search engines are concerned, the pages exist - meta tags and all! 17 professionally designed templates / themes indluded. FREE 100+ script bonus pack included