Updated: 04/19/2008

Miniweb 2.0 Form Maker

Wish there is a form application that can collect info from site users and then email it to you and let you manage it on the Web? Miniweb 2.0 Form Maker is designed to do just that. It is easy to set up and use. Only 1 line of codes is needed to insert a form into your Web page, and it will fit your Web design 100%. There are many form and layout options, including multiple field types, forms with multiple pages, preview and print pages, Catchpa display, file upload, autoresponders, email and mobile alerts, database backup, multiple admin accesses, and options to turn on/off many of the features mentioned here. Most of all, it shares the same admin platform, membership system, and workflow with other Miniweb 2.0 modules: Blog Writer, Calendar, Directory, Media Album, Online Store, Publisher, Site Builder, etc. This means that you don''t have to log in multiple times to manage your site or get confused by multiple systems. Try out the demo to see it for yourself!