Updated: 07/14/2007

ShopWindow Client Software - Start earning commissions now!

ShopWindow Client Software is a free price comparison script that can be embedded into any site with minimal effort. It uniquely enables users to a product database of over 3.5 million products from over 700 retailers on a sale popularity basis. The integration of Client Software will allow you to provide the users of your website with dynamic content directly from a managed database system (http://www.affiliatewind Client Software has been developed using PHP and HTML code. Through the integration of SMARTY template engine, the business logic has been separated from the presentation logic, allowing you to customize either without breaking the code. Client Software is released under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) so you are free to alter the code and re-distribute it according to those terms. A forum for users to exchange template ideas and code is available at http://www.shopwindowforu Visit the forum or contact amarath.sokhi@affiliatewi