Updated: 05/11/2008

Miniweb 2.0 Site Builder

Looking for a WYSIWYG editor for your Web site? Miniweb 2.0 Site Builder comes with an MS Office look-alike menu. You can edit Web pages in both WYSIWYG and HTML modes. Image upload is also supported so you can easily publish photos on your Web pages. As the name implies, it''s actually more than an editor. You can use it to manage and build a Web site with internal and external links. This amazing tool is designed to fit any Web page template. Only 3 lines of codes are required to integrate it with a Web page template. You can use a vertical menu on the left and/or a horizontal menu at the top. Other features include banner rotation, scrolling bar, database backup, optional search box display, and 3-column content display. Check out the demo to see what it can do for you!