Updated: 06/27/2007

FV-Player for Flash

FEX FV-Player is a true multimedia player created using Adobe Flash cutting-edge technology, delivering many end-user exclusive features; it shows how the most complete Flash media tool available today. It s so much more than a just simple video player; FEX FV-Player can play a range of media format such as video, songs, still images and text. FEX FV-Player is more than a sleek design; it has a clean and intuitive navigation designed and presented to the highest standard. A true multimedia player. Crisp and sharp design. Flexible interface. Easy to use. Multiples utilities. Customizable. Custom color themes. Enhance your end user experience. Navigation over playlist. Native support to Flash Communication Server and Flash Media Server 2. Compatible with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 and 9 versions.
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