Updated: 02/15/2008

PHP Autoresponder && Email Follow-up System

PHP Autoresponder && Email Follow-up System PHP Autoresponder is the easiest and most powerful autoresponder available. Most autoresponders are bloated with features you''ll never use and can be very expensive. PHP Autoresponder was developed by two successful internet marketing entrepreneurs because there just wasn''t a reliable and affordable email autoresponder system to help them build their email lists and to follow up with their subscribers. What PHP Autoresponder became was better than we could have imagined. PHP Autoresponder is built around a unique template system that allows you to control the exact date when an email is sent. You can send sequential emails (like any autoresponder should), send emails on specific dates (Dec. 25), any day of the week (Sunday, Monday, and/or Friday), recurring emails every X number of days, annual emails, and more! You may think that with of all these features, it''s just too complicated. No way! If you can create a text file, you can use PHP Autoresponder. Includes several bonuses!