Updated: 10/18/2007

Simple Online Catalog

With Simple Online Catalog you can manage easy and efficiently all your online products. Easy-to-use, but powerful solution for creating and maintaining an online catalog of products and/or services, Simple Online Catalog, keeps all products/services organized on the website so visitors can access all information easily. Simple Online Catalog application ia a tool, not an end product. Your heave to customize these application and give it the look and feel you want. Simple Online Catalog is not an website, it just make website design work easier. Simple Online Catalog application is writhed in PHP and use MySql database environment. Web Designer Features: * Easy two use CMS 100% editable and customizable, with unlimited categories, subcategories, products and images for products, with an easy whey to include new static and dynamic pages, pages that ca be edited by site owner using his web browser; NEW*** Now you can pay for simple online catalog using PayPal.