Updated: 01/23/2008

Tellmatic - the newsletter machine

Tellmatic is a tool to manage and create newsletters for personalized mailing or mass mailing. Addresses and newsletters are stored in groups to handle different user groups and thousands of addressses at a time. you can import/export via csv data. it handles bouncemails and failed addresses automagical. tellmatic uses wysiwyg (tinymce) for newsletter creating and editing. emails are sent via smtp through a real account. A small Formeditor for subscription forms is included as well as a linktracker, viewtracker and detailed statistics. it includes many features known from the ''big ones''. Tellmatic uses a fast gettext-emulation for internationalization. Tellmatic now runs on Linux, Mac OS-X and Windows (xampp) Free download, but your donations are welcome and will speed up developing new releases with cool functions and features. Tellmatic 1.0.7 contains tons of new features, security fixes and much more. e.g. graphical statistics, geo-ip mapping, optimized and improved import/export