Updated: 05/05/2007

LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script Package

Why surf for others? When you can have them surf for YOU! This traffic exchange script could be your ticket to success and recognition on the WWW. Popular sites are already on their way to Glory. You could be one of their competitors! With this traffic exchange script you can potentially receive millions of hits every single day! You have seen the power of programs like ILoveHits, WebMasterQuest, Traffic Roundup, Fast Freeway, TrafficSwarm etc.. but have you ever wondered how much money you can make with a traffic exchange of your own? Features include: Advanced Anti-Cheat mechanisms Seperate credit systems (Auto and Manual credits!). Paid to manual and auto surf - member sell credits back to admin feature (at a rate/price for EACH account type set by you!). Paid to Click Features - Cash and credit click throughs. On screen cash and credit bonuses! Multiple editable account types. Banner && text link rotator with member convert credits features! Random surf frames And much more!