Updated: 10/01/2007

IXXO Cart Business Label

Do you need your customers to believe that IXXO Cart software is your own? Do you require your own private version with your branding and your domain name? Well, then we have a solution for you! IXXO Cart Business Label!!! IXXO Cart Business Label enables you to configure and deploy your own branded, customized version of IXXO Cart Plus or IXXO Cart v.3.5.2 software to your customer base. We take a copy of our software, set it up on its own dedicated hosting server, and brand it for your company. We then link it up to your desired domain name to provide a seamlessly integrated enterprise-level solution. To your customers and employees, IXXO Cart Label does not exist. Deployment: Our Business Label solutions are hosted on a dedicated server provided and maintained by IXXO. By having us host your business label solution, we take care of all the technology involved and ensure that the application is always running, so that you can concentrate on growing your business.