Updated: 04/24/2007

Exoergic Group Mailer

Exoergic Group Mailer is a simple user friendly mailer to manage multiple group mailings of your newsletters and ad campaigns. Import emails from database, file or web form. Uses MySQL for fast access and large database. Send out newsletters to a group through auto or manual mail. Adjustable batch size with no mailing timeouts. Tested with over 100,000 email addresses on shared hosting. Manage your Group, Emails, Newsletter database from password protected backend. Create groups, add email address and attach single or multiple emails addresses to multiple groups. Create newsletters in HTML and text. Customized newsletter with name and email address. Additional headers such as reply-to, organization, mailing-list, Priority, importance, precedence, list-Unsubscribe. Public subscription module, allows subscribing/unsubscribing into multiple groups.