Updated: 01/18/2007

SkyTree Pro

Skytree 2.0 has strong compatibility with almost all browsers in different operating systems, that fits more programmers and users work in different system environment in the extreme. Skytree 2.0 is very easy for programmers to migrate into projects they owned. Programmers can configure their trees by simply steps, for some cases, just only several lines to finish configuration. And also, with Database Supporting, keep simple as usual, no need for coding,but just some setting, and your DB tree is presented. And it will not be running slowly for it''s strong representation. Contrarily, Skytree has a satisfying efficiency, generates 1,024 nodes within just only 0.2 seconds. Of course it''s just the beginning of skytree story above, follow our tour, you can find out more miracle about skytree, such as glaring operation, skins and languages supporting, hotkey and context menu.