Updated: 01/14/2008

Domain Money Maker PLATINUM - Domain Parking Script, Adsense page generator

Domain Money Maker PLATINUM allows you to easily and quickly put up a website for your domain and earn money using rss and adsense. It now has a built in management facility and can support multiple domains. You can park all your domains on one host and use the script to show different content for each domain! It uses dynamic RSS feeds to constantly update your site content based on your keywords. Setting up the script is really simple. No Database is required. The html that gets output is search engine optimized (SEO) for the keywords that are typed in. You can create any page just by typing it into the web browser. There for to add content rich pages you just need to add links to your home page and as far as the search engines are concerned, the pages exist - meta tags and all! Includes a FREE Bonus pack containing over 100 scripts! and a full version of DOMAIN FINDER (NORMALLY $37)