Updated: 02/13/2007


Unlike products that only encode the sources and decode them at runtime, selling only an illusion of protection, OBFUSC is a real obfuscator, with no extensions installed on servers and providing full control over the obfuscation process through a nice and powerfull user interface. OBFUSC incorporates a true PHP parser to ensure that all the syntax is properly handled. You can decide case by case if an identifier should be or not obfuscated. The default settings and decisions provide around 90% rate of obfuscation without human intervention for a normal project. You can make manual decisions and rise this rate in cases where OBFUSC is not 100% sure that understand all code intentions. If you want to preserve names as a part of an API for customers you can easily do this, too. From interface you can choose what files are not to be obfuscate and all identifiers used in those files will not be scrambled in the rest of the project.