Updated: 11/06/2006

DJRA3 - Premiere Web Content Scheduling

DJRA3 lets you schedule any type of web content, or use simple images and links. You are able to schedule them anytime, rotate weekly or show once a year, and everywhere in between. - Schedule your DJs and show their pictures from one easy to use place. - Have a new &"Featured Product&" everyday or week. - Rotate a POTD, POTW, POTM, POTY or any scheduled pictur of the moment. - Unlimited possibilities. Key Features of DJRA3: - Professional-grade web content scheduling, including images, HTML code, flash, etc. - Multiple weekly rotating and one-time schedules for all entries. - Easy to use, powerful, and secure web interface. - Easily configurable public schedule with all your events, with optional RSS feed. - Show code or links on your web site when events are active. Great for showing a chat room or similar when your top DJ is on-air.