Updated: 10/30/2006

eStoreAff Script Store

eStoreAff is an Downloadable PHP Script Store Plus Reseller/Affiliate System. With eStoreAff you can install a ready-made online store as long as you have hosting supporting PHP and one MySQL database. eStoreAff is for: * Anyone who wants to sell online digital products. * Those who are not interested in an advanced shopping cart. * Who would wants to buy an high pricey shopping cart? * Most online shopping carts DON''T have the reseller/affiliate system intergated or nothing at all! * Also why run your own store when you can enable others to sell their products?! * Complete Downloadable PHP Script Store * No php programming required * Cost-effective * Reseller/Affiliate System * Coder/Designer System * Easy design integration in any HTML editor * Free installation service * Free future updates/upgrades * Free customer support