Updated: 09/06/2007

Automonial Automated Testimonial

Automonial was designed to fill a need for site owners who wanted to be able to manage their customer testimonials without getting their hands dirty. This script gives you the power to handle your testimonials in ways never before possible: ~Random testimonial block with cus tomizable limitations on characters shown, ~ ~Users can submit testimonials to be approved~ ~Users can either view a particular or all of the approved testimonials~ ~Powerful administrative section~ ~Admin can choose to be notified upon testimonial submissions~ ~Admin can edit, delete, approve, suspend and create new testimonials~ ~Easy 3 step automated installation~ ~Uses FCKEditor(bare version with HTML sanitizing for the front end, Feature packed version for the admin)~ ~Incredible amount of configurable options from the admin panel, block size, what gets shown to the viewer(website URL, Name, Title, date, etc), as well as automatically generated insertion code to show the block on your site~