Updated: 06/30/2006

E-mail Obfuscator

There are few things users hate more than having their e-mail addresses collected unknowningly from their websites by spambots! Finally you can quickly (and easily!) protect yourself from these bots with multiple methods! Those spam boys will never get a hold of your e-mail ever again! E-mail obfuscator currently has 3 methods of obfuscation: - Words: Convert ''@'' and ''.'' symbols to '' AT '' and '' DOT '' respectively, or some other representation of your choice (i.e. [at] and [dot], etc.) - ASCII: Converts each character in the e-mail to its ascii equivalent. It shows up exactly the same on the page, but the source code shows none of the letters or symbols! - Image: Great protection! Convert the e-mail address to text in an image with customizeable background/foreground color! (requires gd 1.6) You no longer need to worry about hiding your e-mail address or dealing with the increasing spam!