Updated: 06/02/2006


- XML based Sliding Gallery - Thumbnails automatically generated - Preloader automatically attached - Reserve dimension ratio - Can set color of scrolling arrow button according to mouse event - Transition speed independent of fps - Can attach links to large images - Can place the thumbnail panel: down, up, left or right - Can set thumbnail border color, border thick, border round - Can set X/Y distance between arrow and thumbnail panel, between thumbnails, and between thumbnails and thumbnail panel border - Can set distance between large image and thumbnail panel - transition on large image: horizontal, vertical, both, none - Can attach sound - Description window added - Can set description font, font size, font color, etc - Can insert Image Title - Can set Image Title font, font size, etc - Can insert Tool tip - Can set ToolTip background color, border color, border thick, border round, font, font color etc . Please check manual in free trial version for more info and details.
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