Updated: 07/27/2006

Snoop Catcher - Updated Version 1.1

Snoop Catcher is a nifty little utility that will help you keep tabs on anyone who is typing direct URL''s to your non-public folders. Normally visitors would type your domain name, land on your home page and navigate from there. Snoopers instead will type in a domain name like mages/ and if there''s no index.php, index.html, or index.htm in that folder it will display your entire directory contents in their browser. This is how hackers and file stealers can gain entry to your site by preying on non-attended directories. By inserting the Snoop Catcher''s index.php file into your non-attended directories it will automatically display an &"Unauthorized Access&" message, their IP address and the date. It will also log that information as well as the directory they tried to access into a MySQL database for viewing later via admin. Ver. 1.1 allows banning of IP''s and reinstate IP''s, CSV download and password protected admin.