Updated: 07/20/2006

Mobile E-Commerce Site

The E-Commerce script is a new and exciting package that we have put together for you the webmaster. This script comes with a template like the one you are seeing on this site, which can be customized to your liking and 4 encoded scripts for you to sell. Why are the scripts encoded, They are encoded for our protection and yours. Don''t worry you will have free updates for 6 months and can continue to purchase 6 month updates at a fraction of the cost. The package will contain the following: 1. E-Commerce Script 2. Ringtone Creator Script 3. Basic Mobile Download Script 4. Mobile Download Script 5. Mobile Community Script 6. 6 Free Months Of Updates, after that you will have the oppurtunity to purchase updates at monthly increments. This is a great opportunity to start up a small web commerce site to help earn your some money or turn it into a full blown out e-commerce site. The best thing is that you can add as many Downloadable items to the list and make money of your own.