Updated: 07/10/2006

JSmart JavaScript and CSS Compressor

JSmart is an open source PHP program that will increase your website download speed by reducing the size of JavaScript and CSS files typically up to 80% or even higher. It is done by removing comments and unnecessary whitespaces and then by compressing the files using gzip. There is no need to do any thing manually. JSmart will compress all your JavaScript and CSS files just after installing it on your website. JSmart uses a smart cache system in both the client side and the server side. It is smart about recompressing only the files that have changed. It is also smart about gzipping the files if the browser supports gzip encoding. It also makes the browser to cache the files until they have not changed. By using Apache mod_rewrite, there is no need to change even one line of code at your project. You should only copy JSmart to your website and enjoy it.