Updated: 05/25/2006


- Vector buttons and vector icons - NO LOSS IN QUALITY (reduce or enlarge button size to your liking) - Up / RollOver / Down States included. - MXP FILE - install in component inspector. - FULLY WORKING FLA EXAMPLE FILE - Change Colors, Shadow, Alpha, Fonts, Sizes, Sounds, Volume, URL, etc. - See changes on stage while you modify the properties of the component. - 16 types of Color Sets provided. - No need to search for a color combination. We have done it for you. IMPORTANT: Set the 00_COLOR SETS value to NONE if you want to apply you own color settings. - 214 ivector cons already provided (for XGRoundButton and XGCircleButton). - Full pdf reference file for the 214 icons available. - Insert whatever sound you want on each state (Up / RollOver / Down)
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