Updated: 05/11/2008

PCN WebRing

Pc-Nuke! releases the Web Ring module for php-nuke systems, - This is the full module version! Let WebRing do your web advertising. With WebRing you can generate more web traffic to your website and increase your search engine ranking. Plus you can join the new webring PCN Systems has setup on our site. Just sign-up and get in the WebRing, then download the WebRing block from our website and put it on your website. Then when visitors click or visit the main page, they will see your webites and link to it. Our WebRing is powered by the Pc-Nuke! website && anyone can join it. You need to become a member first on this website before you are allowed to list multiple websites in the WebRing. You can go to and download the WebRing Side Block && Module.