Updated: 05/26/2006


The XGMenuBar 1.0 component gives you the possibility to make advanced menu bars easily. Free Trila Version. In the trial version the first menu button is always &"XGem&" XML based menu bar. Can apply gradient color to the menu bar background Attach automatically scroll buttons for overflowed sub menu Can apply embedded font Automatic link and search - Scroll button color varies according to mouse events - Scrolling speed indepent of flash''s fps - Can attach sound for mouse events - Can apply alpha to gradient - Can set border color Can attach shadow Define Shadow Alpha and Shadow Distance Can set border color, border thickness && border round Can define where light is comming from (top, bottom, right, left) Horizontal and vertical bar margin value Modify menu bar dimension and space between buttons NEW btnBorderRound. Change corner radious to the box that appears when you roll over menus and and submenus
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