Updated: 03/21/2006


4.0 New features * Works on Macromedia ColdFusion Server 4.5 to 7 * Print to pdf from your calendar view (Requires Macromedia ColdFusion Server 7) * Assign colors to categories using a easy color choosing tool * Integrates with BIT Resource Scheduler (BIT Resource Scheduler is a separate application that allows easy scheduling of almost any resource type, i.e. Conference rooms, Laptops, Cars, etc. The Resource Scheduler requires an additional license fee and can be purchased/function with or without the calendar) * Most functions still compatible with CF Server 4.5 and higher * ALL OPEN SOURCE Code! EASY to fit into your site. Plus the other features from the previous editions. See the demo for more information. No registration required to view our demos. Just visit the site to see the demo and learn more.