Updated: 03/09/2006

ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live

Add a free US ZIP code or Canada postal code search locator for local business, organizational, branch locations, event locations and more to any web site in less than 10 minutes. The results show each location''s distance from your customer and even maps. No software programs or scripts for you to buy or install and available instantly. The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live provides a vital link between the virtual world of the web and the physical world of &"brick and mortar&" business locations. ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live Features * Secure Administrator Control Panel * Limit Results by Radius and Records * Display General Store Details and Custom Fields * Sort Results by Distance, Names and City * Support United States and Canada Postal Code * Bulk Store/Dealer Batch Import * Support MapQuest /Yahoo /Google Location Maps && Directions * Support Miles and Kilometers Measurement * Support Preferred or Hidden Stores * Absolutely Free