Updated: 03/03/2006

Topsite Lister

Topsite Lister is a basic referral linking system using PHP and MySQL. As with any topsite script, the idea is that the people who send you the most traffic wind up with links back to their sites on your page. Topsite Lister tracks the referring URLs for all visits to your site, then displays the top X referers in a table. There are three components to Topsite Lister: 1. The referer tracker, which records the referring URL for each inbound hit to your site. 2. The top sites displayer, which displays links to however many sites you specify. 3. A random linker script, which will randomly redirect to one of the top sites (again, it uses the number you set in the config file). You have control over the number of top referers who are displayed, as well as the look and feel of the output. Note: Topsite Lister must be run using PHP''s include() statement.