Updated: 10/29/2007

RVCS System

Retailing Verifiable Commercial System is a software designed to assist corporations with keeping track of sales, price, discount, customers, quotations, members, ledger, inventory, out of stock, suppliers, distributers, profit, sales remark and report etc. It has built-in multiple barcode input function. It is also a totally extendable system that suits different company needs. This software is a complete cash register and accounting system, as well as, sales, deposit, returns, employee check-in && check-out management system all kept up-to-date by simply clicks. You may print different size of standard receipt, quotations, reports and label barcode etc, you can simply type the number and get the barcode you want, and make your elaborate membership card or employee card. It is network ready that allows multiple workstations of plants to connect database across network, and the database is very easy to backup.