Updated: 09/13/2005

SiteForge Collaborative Development Platform

SiteForge is a software project management tool for open source and distributed development teams to manage software projects. We call this a Collaborative Development Platform, aka Collaborative Development Environment (CDE), aka Source Control Management (SCM). What SiteForge does is bring together the various aspects of a software project into one place, including source code access (CVS), bug/issue tracking, project members, discussion forums, documentation, product release downloads, and news announcements. SiteForge is similar to the website, but in software form. Similar projects include GForge, Savane, GBorg, and Trac. We wrote SiteForge instead of using these because some of them lacked features we needed, some were lacking documentation or support, and some of them were exceedingly difficult to install and administer. So instead we set out to build our own that would be easier to install, reliable, secure, and well-supported.