Updated: 11/04/2005

Site Framework including Blog, Membership, DHTML menu etc.

The Wizard framework has been used in production sites for three years.It is modular, CSS driven with a templating system, allowing the webmaster to spend more time on design and less on the plumbing. Included is an optional page commenting feature, robust user authentication system, scripts for registering, changing passwords, contact forms, confirmation emails, listing users, editing their profiles, privacy statements (etc.etc.), fully integrated into the site skeleton and under the rule of common CSS stylesheets. The menu and sitemap systems are generated from the database automatically when a page is added or altered during authoring. The menu systems use the famed Suckerfish CSS-driven Javascript code harnessed to a MySQL database. You can have either horizontal or vertical menus, at whatever depth. You can hide pages from the menu or sitemap. A hybrid CSS tables system makes site design easy and flexible. Simple but not simplistic.