Updated: 11/28/2006

Free DotNetNuke Skins && Containers && Videos

Looking for free skins to enhance your DotNetNuke website, then visit eXtra Dimensions, register, login and download some cool skins and containers to make your site look great and learn how to code your skins. You can even download videos to help you learn a little faster.&<br&>&<br&> Nina Meiers, core team member, with over 100,000 downloads of skins and containers is an active participant in the DotNetNuke environment.&<br&>&<br&>Inter esting Blogs and regular site updating make this website one of the most active DotNetNuke resources with over 23,000 subscribers enjoying access to free skins,containers, videos && articles, help files and a forum to answer your questions about DotNetNuke.&<br&>&<br&>Also, Australian Localisation files for many modules, now available.